Algebraic and Topological Graph Theory

Dubrovnik, April 8 - 19, 1985

Organized by:

Wilfried Imrich

Torrence D. Parsons

Tomaž Pisanski

Plenary talks:

  1. A. Bouchet, Triangular embeddings of G(m)
  2. D.M. Cvetković, Introduction to graph spectra
  3. C.D. Godsil, Spectral methods in combinatorics
  4. I. Gutman, Matching polynomials
  5. W. Imrich, Graphs and groups
  6. B.W. Jackson, Heawood's empire problem, embeddings and splittings of graphs
  7. T.D. Parsons, Coverings and cellular surface-embeddings of graphs
  8. M. Picardello, Harmonic analysis on trees
  9. T. Pisanski, Graph bundles
  10. T.W. Tucker, Imbeddings of Cayley graphs
  11. W. Woess, Random walks on trees

Lectures for Research Seminar:

  1. B. Alspach, The Hamilton space of Cayley graphs on Abelian groups
  2. M. Doob
  3. K. Heinrich, The general product construction for Latin squares
  4. P. Hell, Retractions of graphs
  5. B. Mohar, Branched coverings
  6. N. Seifter, Automorphism groups of infinite graphs
  7. J. Shawe-Taylor, Distance-transitive geometries and simple groups
  8. A.T. White, Voltage graphs and graphical products

Sixth Yugoslav Seminar on Graph Theory:

  1. D.M. Acketa, Non-isomorphic graphic representations of small graphic matroids
  2. D. Babić, A. Graovac, B. Mohar, T. Pisanski, Matching polynomial of polygraphs
  3. V. Batagelj, Inductive classes of graphs
  4. J. Shawe-Taylor, N.L. Biggs, Rotations and graphs with large girth
  5. D.M. Cvetković, Discussing graph theory with a computer VI
  6. C. Godsil, Distance spaces
  7. K.D. Lane, Graph perturbations and idiosyncratic polynomials
  8. Z. Magajna, B. Mohar, Existence of branched coverings of surfaces
  9. T.D. Parsons, T. Pisanski, Inner product representations of graphs
  10. B. Peruničić, An algorithm for embedding graphs in Klein's bottle
  11. M. Petkovšek, T. Pisanski, A note on function graphs
  12. Z. Radosavljević, S. Simić, Nonregular, nonbipartite integral graphs having maximal vertex degree four, II
  13. R.H. Schelp, Some results in generalized Ramsey theory
  14. R. Sedmak, Elementary geometric procedures on polyautomata
  15. S. Simić, Z. Radosavljević, Nonregular, nonbipartite integral graphs having maximal vertex degree four, I
  16. D. Svrtan, D. Veljan, Walks in finite lattice graphs
  17. R. Tošić, The game of cops and robbers

Other registered participants:

M. Abu-Sbeih, A. Alameddine, R. Aldred, M.L.N. Downs, J.-L. Fouquet, M. Gionfriddo, W. Hohberg, G. Jones, O. Kessler, M. Moeller, J.W. Moon, G. Pica, M. Škoviera, A. Torgašev, E. Welzl, R.J. Wilson.