Graphs of 4-polytopes

Steinitz proved at the beginning of the 20th century that graphs of (convex) 3-polytopes are precisely the 3-connected planar graphs. However, graphs of 4-polytopes are still a mystery. It is known that they must be 4-connected, but apart from this, not much is known.

Problem 1: Find a good characterization of 4-polytopal graphs.

By a `good' characterization we mean a property that is in NP co-NP. I believe that this is a very difficult, if not an impossible task. But maybe one can characterize 4-polytopal graphs that satisfy some additional conditions.

Problem 2: Find a good characterization of:

Maybe also the above families are difficult to characterize. One may be able to say more if we increase the connectivity or the girth requirement.


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Revised: februar 17, 2004.