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First name: Primož
Family name: Potočnik

Professor of Mathemathics

Faculty of Mathemathics and Physics,
University of Ljubljana
also affiliated with:
Institute of Mathematics, Physics, and Mechanics


I am a professor of mathematics at the University of Ljubljana. My professional interesets lie at the interesection of group theory and combinatorics. In particular, I'm interested in highly symmetrical combinatorial objects, such as vertex-transitive graphs, regular maps etc. I am heading the Group for Computationally Intensive Mathematical Methods. Currently I serve as the President of the Society of Mathematicians, Physicists and Astronomers of Slovenia.


  • My CV with a list of publications.

  • I have been involved in the creation of several datasets of highly symmetric graphs and other combinatorial objects, such as the census of cubic vertex-transitive graphs, 4-valent arc-transitive graph, rotary maps etc. Some of these datasets are available here.

Conferences and workshops I'm organising:

    Workshop on Group Actions on Dicrete Structures, June 17th-21st, Kranjska Gora

    Together with Marston Conder, we're organising a workshop on Group Actions on Dicrete Structures. Due to the budget restrictions, the participation is by invitation only. The confirmed and likely participants so far: Binzhou Xia, Djordje Mitrović, Isabel Hubard, Jozef Širáň, Luke Morgan, Marco Barbieri, Mima Stanojkovski, Pablo Spiga, Robert Jajcay, Shasha Zheng, Yanquan Feng, Gareth Jones, Olivia Reade, Ted Dobson, Primož Šparl, Dong Dong Hou, Antonio Montero, Rhys Evans, Micael Toledo, Alejandra Ramos, Maruša Lekše, Marston Conder and Primož Potočnik. More detials can be found here.


January 2024: Some of us will attend the Symmetry of Discrete Objects conference, that will take place in Auckland, New Zealand, between 12th and 16th of February this year.
December 2023: Visited Robert Jajcay in Bratislava. Yet another succesful and enjoyable research visit. I almost forgot how productive the in-person research visit can be.
December 2023: Visited Patric Fowler in Sheffield (together with Nino Bašić). This was my first excursion into the chemical graph theory. We worked on a number of topics, including the directed nut graphs, and the energy of polyhexes. We did a lot of work. A great visit!
November 2023: A new postdoc, Rhys Evans, joined our research groups. Rhys received his PhD in Mathematics at Queen Mary University of London in 2020 and then spent a year as at Sobolev Institute of Mathematic.
June 2023: We're busy with the organisation of the that will take place betwenn 18th and 24th of June in Kranjska Gora. We expect way over 300 participants! We're all excited.
April 2023: Marco Barbieri, a PhD student of Pablo Spiga, is joining us for a 6-month visit. Marco is interested in permutation groups and combinatorics and has already published a number of impressive results. Welcome!

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