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Spatially-Distributed Pulsed Gradient Spin Echo NMR using Single-Wire Proximity: 100 T/m (10.000 gauss/cm) and above

Paul T. Callaghan, Department of Physics, Massey University, Palmerston North,New Zealand and
Janez Stepisnik, Physics Department, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

NMR microimaging may be used to observe the effect of molecular diffusion in the vicinity of a thin wire subjected to current pulses. By this means the Pulsed Gradient Spin Echo technique can utilises very large pulsed magnetic field gradients, on order of 100 T/m. The quadratic dependence of gradient amplitude on distance from the wire leads to large dynamic range while the distribution of local gradient vectors makes it possible to images anisotropic diffusion. We demonstrate these properties in measurements on polymer solutions and liquid crystals.

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Fig.1 :Schematic representation of the experimental cell with the picture of gradient vectors of wire superposed on the equigradient conturs in the right corner together with the NMR microimage of capilar crossection (down-left) showing the distribution of spin echo attenuation in 5% solution of 10^6 dalton poly(ethylene oxifde) in water when current of 1.2 A is applied.

  • Fig.2a: Set of images of PGSE water attenuation in poly(ethylene oxifde) in water with different currents in wire....
  • Fig.2b: Set of images for PGSE polymer attenuation in poly(ethylene oxifde) in water with different currents in wire....
  • Figs. 3 Set of images for anisotropic PGSE attenuation distribution in liotropic liquid crystal in water with different currents in wire....