Third Slovene International Conference in Graph Theory

June 25 - June 30, 1995

Last update: May 23, 1995. Please, check frequently for changes!

The information on the following topics is available:


The Third Slovenian International Conference in Graph Theory will take place from June 25 to June 30, 1995 at Lake Bled, a beautiful vacation resort in the midst of the Julian Alps in the North of Slovenia. It is only half an hour drive from the Ljubljana international airport as well as from borders with Austria and Italy. The conference site is Hotel Park.

Special emphasis will be given to algebraic and topological methods in graph theory, and combinatorics in general. Among others, the following topics will be covered:

graph automorphisms and homomorphisms, transitivity in graphs and
permutation groups, Cayley graphs, eigenvalues, distance-regular graphs,
discrete geometry, polytopes, graph embeddings, maps and regular maps,
graph minors, planarity of graphs, graph drawing, etc.

The following Special Sessions will be organized:

We expect that about half of the talks will be presented in special sessions.


The list of invited speakers includes:


Registration or any inquiries about the conference should be addressed to

or by standard mail:
               Dragan Marusic / Bojan Mohar
               IMFM, Graph Theory Conference
               Department of Mathematics
               Jadranska 19
               61111 Ljubljana, Slovenia
The registration fee is 100 US dollars if received before May 30, 1995 and 120 US dollars if received after May 30, 1995. The fee for graduate students and accompanying persons is 1/2 of the above. The fee covers the supplementary material, the Conference dinner and the refreshments at the coffee breaks.


The conference registration desk in Park Hotel will be open on Sunday, June 25 from 6-8pm and on Monday from 8-9am.

All participants will get their conference materials upon arrival to Park Hotel. The hotel is located close to the lake and is within walking distance from all main points in Bled.

Participants staying at the Institute Hostel should also arrive to Park Hotel where they will receive the keys to their rooms.


The official program will start on Monday 9am and close on Friday, June 30 in the afternoon (at approx. 5pm).

Each morning there will be a block of invited lectures. The special sessions and other contributed talks will take part in the afternoons, preferably only in two parallel sessions. The length of talks in special sessions is limited to 20 or 30 minutes. Contributed talks have 20 minutes.

The exact schedule of the talks will be distributed at the conference. It will also be available a few days before the conference through our WWW server and will be sent out to registered participants by email.


Abstracts of talks should be submitted as soon as possible but not later than June 5. They can be sent by standard mail or by email (preferably as a TeX file). No specific format is requested but make sure to include your (and your coauthors') name(s), affiliations and a brief description of your results. If possible, try to limit the length to one page.


The conference proceedings will be published as a special issue or volume of Discrete Mathematics. The deadline for submissions of papers is September 1, 1995. They have to be sent in triplicate either to Dragan Marusic or Bojan Mohar. (The address is given above.) We also accept manuscripts by email if written in TeX or LaTeX. The manuscripts should follow the general guidelines for manuscripts submitted to Discrete Mathematics. All papers will be refereed according to the usual standards of the journal.


The Conference dinner is scheduled for Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday afternoon an excursion will be organized. We will visit the world's famous Postojna Cave and stop at some other interesting places. Please bring along a sweater for this visit since the temperature in the cave is 8C (46F) all year long. Although we believe that this trip should not be missed, the participants will also be offered an alternative excursion in the Alps.


A block of rooms has been reserved for the participants in a high class Park Hotel (the conference venue) available at the following conference rates: 75 DEM (half board, single), 60 DEM (half board, double), 95 DEM (full board, single), 80 DEM (full board, double), where half board excludes one of the two main meals (lunch or dinner).

There is also a limited number of comfortable rooms (with 2 beds, shower and limited cooking facilities) available at the Institute Hostel. The price is 25 DEM per night per person. The priority for these rooms will be given to graduate students and other participants with restricted funding. Double occupancy may be requested.


The Slovenian currency is called TOLAR. Its abbreviation is SIT (SlovenIan Tolar). The current exchange rate is approximately 82 SIT for one German mark or 120 SIT for US dollar. The rate is very stable (against German mark). While the prices in the stores are not much cheaper than in the EC, the participants may find the prices in the restaurants quite convenient.

Weather in June is usually very pleasant. Normal temperatures are between 18C and 25C. However, we suggest you bring along a sweater, just to be on the safe side.

Bled is a very nice vacation resort with a beautiful lake and many interesting places to visit. There are many nice walks, hiking places, historic monuments (a nice castle), tennis courts, golf field, etc.